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We enable organizations to create, manage and deliver knowledge efficiently, with an exceptional personalized, AI-enabled experience to users.

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Our north star is to transform the way enterprises offer and gain value from their product content. Our platform enables organizations like Salesforce, HP and Sony to create, manage and deliver knowledge to users efficiently, with an exceptional personalized, AI-enabled experience. The platform continuously ingests evolving product information from all siloed sources and delivers the most relevant, personalized product answers to each user, wherever they need it, within an intuitive, self-service experience. This radically improved product content experience deepens product adoption, prevents frustration-driven churn and reduces the burden on support.
Using machine learning-powered analytics, Zoomin provides actionable insights that guide decision-making across the enterprise. With every interaction, users leave behind behavioral data, which we leverage to offer unique insights into who your users are, how they behave and what they need. Our content delivery platform automatically ingests, synthesizes and indexes content from any source, tool and format and delivers it to every channel where customers need it, meaning your teams can continue using the tools they love while you provide a massively improved end user experience.
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My team is all about rolling up our sleeves and coding the cool stuff. We build impactful solutions that make waves in the industry. When we build products that set the bar on what innovation in TechComm should look like, we turn our customers to industry leaders.
Design isn't just about aesthetics; it's the silent storyteller that shapes the narrative of our brand, influences our customers, and transforms ideas into experiences. As a lead designer, my canvas goes beyond visuals; it's a strategic journey, where every pixel speaks volumes, and every detail crafts the narrative of innovation and connection.

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