Enough with the stone-age publishing process

Maximize your content team’s productivity and keep pace with your company’s development cycle using Zoomin’s agile publishing workflow.

Unleash your unstoppable
content machine

Your team was hired to create high-impact documentation that make customers' lives easier.

But your company is moving with lightning speed. Your products are evolving, your engineers are releasing a never-ending slew of updates. Keeping up is HARD.

You don't want to be a bottleneck for this continuous evolution. Yet you find yourself wasting hours of your life doing tedious, manual, time-intensive tasks within a chaotic publishing process.  

Every time you need to make the smallest of changes, you have to update countless versions.

Outdated versions are floating unchecked around the web.

Customers are stumbling across incorrect and inconsistent information.

Some of your greatest work isn’t even findable!

You need to find a way to scale your content operations — and fast.

We say stop the madness. There is another way.

Scale your content operations

Radically improve your team’s productivity and impact by streamlining the way you publish and deliver content. Eradicate tedious manual updates with our ‘update once, publish everywhere’ approach.

Become truly data-driven

Get insights into how customers are using your documentation, what content is helping – and what isn’t. Prioritize work and create a data-driven content strategy based on what your customers need.

Improve the findability of content

Ensure users can continue their journey uninterrupted by delivering the personalized answers they need, right where they are, whether that’s inside your web application, on your website or in your support channels.

The new automated release notes publishing process saves us 3,000 hours annually.

Zoomin features that change your (work) life

Streamlined publishing workflow

Align your content delivery to your product team’s agile approach to development. Make changes to any content source and your customers will see your changes right away, no matter what channels they’re using.

Powerful search and intuitive navigation

Continuously synthesize content from all of your authoring tools and systems, and deliver it within a personalized and intuitive experience.

Improved findability

By structuring your content and applying a unified taxonomy, you can ensure that the content you worked so hard to create finds the people who need it.

Personalized knowledge experiences

Give customers the most relevant content and recommendations based on their profile, preferences, product version and past activity.

Unified access to content

Give users unified access to all of your organization’s technical content, across channels, no matter which team created it.

Unique content performance insight

Get unprecedented, detailed data insights into how your content is performing so you can strategically prioritize your investments and resources.