Turn any customer from frustrated churn risk to confident product user

It's all about Time to Value

You hired your customer success team to be trusted customer advisors. Yet, somehow, they end up spending all their time answering basic questions and putting out fires that really shouldn’t have been started.

With less time for your team to spend on providing value and proactively mending customer success gaps, your customers keep reaching out for things they should be able to do themselves, need more hand-holding and become more frustrated...and shouty.

Which means more time spent on firefighting…and so on and so forth.

It’s time to give your customer success teams the chance to do the job you hired them for. To make your success organization a well-oiled proactive machine.

That starts with empowering customers to self-serve the answers they need to use your product to the greatest potential.

Improve time to value

If a feature is created but no customers are aware of it, does it really exist? Expose users to the full breadth and depth of your product functionality to reach moments of value earlier and more often. Streamline adoption, deepen product usage and smooth the path to product success.

Remove obstacles to success with data

Use Zoomin’s data insights to identify where customers struggle with features and gaps in your user guidance so you can proactively eliminate obstacles in their customer journey.

How Zoomin changes  your (work) life

Elevate your CSMs to success catalysts

Products are getting more complex by the day. Give your CSMs immediate and frictionless access to your company’s trove of knowledge so they can focus on helping customers realize their business goals.

Track customer health and red flag indicators

Spot customers with low or no content usage as an early indicator of adoption issues or even churn. Turn insights into action, focusing efforts on improving their adoption and ultimately retention.

Data-driven insights

See the light with actionable data insights into how your customers are interacting with content. Know where customers need help in using your product to provide product clarity or improvements before they need to ask.

Content-led adoption

Your CSMs don’t want to hold your customers’ hands — and your customers don’t want their hands held. Give your customers personalized guidance so they can drive their own adoption, at their own pace.

Just-in-time case deflection

Zoomin proactively suggests relevant content just as a customer is about to open a ticket, which helps prevent support calls and gets your customers back to business in no time.

Connect organizational silos

No need to strong-arm other teams into changing their ways. Zoomin nestles right into your existing workflows so you can deliver a 10x better customer experience without changing a thing.