Welcome to your digital-first support culture

Radically reduce support inquiries by transforming your complex product information library into an intuitive self-serve experience.

Support should be a last-mile solution.
Not the first point of call.

As the leader of a support team, you’re under constant pressure to reduce support costs while still providing world-class support in a time where experience is everything.

But as products become more complex and a CI/CD development style means every product is constantly evolving, your team keep wasting time answering basic, avoidable questions again and again.

Here’s the bottom line:
Customers don’t want to contact support anymore than you do. And your support team doesn’t want to spent hours every day giving answers that customers could have found themselves.

With 86% of users preferring to self-serve and support costs spiralling out of control, it’s never been so important to create a digital-first support culture.

That means investing in an intuitive environment where customers can instinctively self-serve. That means giving customers the confidence that they’ve found the correct, most up-to-date answer.

And it means providing personalized experience that gets customers to their answers in seconds - not minutes.

Cut your support tickets in half

Your team is too valuable to be wasting time answering basic, avoidable questions. Create a self-service-first culture that empowers customers to resolve issues and eliminate unnecessary product questions from your support pipeline to cut costs in half.

Empower support agents to deliver faster, better service

Give you support team an intuitive, unified view of all your content so they can proactively offer fast, personalized and relevant support that gets customers on their way.

Highlight critical support needs with analytics

Identify how customers are engaging and where they’re struggling with data insights that illuminate the self service experience.

How Zoomin changes
your (work) life

Elevate your support agents to valued advisors

With immediate access to your company’s entire knowledge trove at their fingertips, your support agents can provide relevant, tailored and context-sensitive content solutions to close cases faster.

Successful self-service

Deliver personalized content support at every stage of their journey so customers can successfully resolve issues on their own.

Data-driven insights

See the light with actionable data insights into how your customers are interacting with content. Know where customers need help in using your product so you can make adjustments that prevent problems before they arise.

Just in time case deflection

Zoomin proactively suggests relevant content right as the customer is about to open a support ticket, saving your support team just in the nick of time.

Personalized collections

Agents can easily create personalized content collections that are tailored to each support case and share them with customers.

Connect organizational silos

No need to strong-arm other teams into changing their ways. Zoomin nestles right into your existing workflows so you can deliver a 10x better customer experience without changing a thing.