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Zoomin provides a headless solution through its developer API, enabling secure access to platform features for easy integration into new and existing applications.
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Content as
a service

Enable your developers to seamlessly integrate Zoomin Docs functionality into both new and existing applications.

Unified content

Access, query, search, and filter content seamlessly from diverse sources within a unified repository.


Empower developers to efficiently consume the service through an API-first approach.

The Zoomin API flow

API call

The application sends an encoded, signed JWT containing user information to the backend for authentication.


The token is signed with a secret to ensure security. The backend, using the same secret, validates the token's signature and user information.


Once verified, the backend allows the application to access the requested resources, such as search results or specific topic pages.

Zoomin Api

Developer experience

Empower developers with a secure and programmable interface, allowing them to efficiently consume the service through an API-first approach. This enhances flexibility of integration capabilities for a tailored user experience. Developers can securely consume the service programmatically.
We decided to build a knowledge ecosystem. We chose Zoomin, a tool that indexes and ingests content, allowing it to be searched and delivered to various endpoints.

Frequently asked questions

How does Zoomin's developer API facilitate seamless integration into applications?
Zoomin's developer API offers secure access to platform features, enabling developers to leverage a headless solution for integrating Zoomin Docs functionality into various applications.
What advantages does Zoomin's "Content as a Service" model provide in terms of content consumption?
Zoomin's "Content as a Service" model allows for effortless consumption of content from multiple sources via a unified API, eliminating the need for content engineering and streamlining touchpoint experiences.
What capabilities does Zoomin's unified content repository offer to users?
Zoomin's unified content repository enables users to access, query, search, and filter content seamlessly from diverse sources within a centralized hub, enhancing information retrieval efficiency.
How does Zoomin empower developers with its developer-facing API?
Zoomin's developer-facing API provides developers with a secure and programmable interface, facilitating efficient consumption of services through an API-first approach and enhancing integration flexibility for tailored user experiences.

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