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Purposefully designed for documentation

Optimize your documentation strategy with Zoomin's comprehensive Analytics tool. Collect, configure, and analyze your data to track KPIs around content impact.
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User behavior

Gain user insights with detailed dashboards covering search, traffic, and content feedback to enhance user experience.


Use content gap data to prioritize updates and language localization and allocate resources wisely.


Measure documentation success with metrics like content views, case deflection, visits, and click-through rates.

content KPIS

Robust & detailed
analytics dashboards

Each Zoomin Analytics dashboard displays metrics which you can track and use in your content analysis and reporting. Use any of the following dashboards to get a different set of data to help you improve your documentation performance.








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From analytics
to content ROI

Improve self-service by ensuring content is easily discoverable, contributing to reduced support costs and increased efficiency. Quantify your documentation success through metrics such as content views, case deflection improvement, site visits, click-through rates, and more.
We have increased our publication and implementation efficiencies, obtained a 4.9/5 content satisfaction score, and seen a 55% boost in docs traffic.

Frequently asked questions

What insights can users gain from Zoomin Analytics regarding their interactions with Zoomin applications?
Users can gain powerful insights about user behavior, content performance, blind spots in the customer journey, and opportunities for improvement.
How does Zoomin Analytics help users customize their dashboards for content analysis and reporting?
Users can customize personal dashboards in Zoomin Analytics to define thresholds, alerts, and metrics they want to monitor, providing a tailored view of key data on the Pulse page.
What types of data does Zoomin Analytics collect to facilitate application analysis?
Zoomin Analytics collects user and session information, interaction data with content, and search-related data, including keywords, search results, and filters used.
How often is the data in Zoomin Analytics updated and what does this mean for users?
Data in Zoomin Analytics is updated once per day, ensuring that changes in content and user interactions recorded in Zoomin applications are reflected in the analytics dashboards and reporting within 24 hours.
How does Zoomin ensure the privacy of users' personal information while using Zoomin Analytics?
Zoomin Analytics does not store personally identifiable information (PII) about users, anonymizes user names, and aggregates user agent data to protect user privacy.
Can users opt out of Zoomin Analytics, and what options are available for managing cookie policies within Zoomin Documentation Portals?
Users can opt out of Zoomin Analytics, and Zoomin supports integrating with OneTrust for implementing a cookie consent banner on Zoomin Documentation Portals, allowing users to manage their preferences regarding cookies.

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