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Empower your customers to easily find the technical product information they need

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Turn your Service Portal into a one-stop-shop for Product Answers

Provide personalized, always-updated and easy-to-find answers right inside ServiceNow.

Every possible answer in one place

Empower customers to find answers independently by providing a unified view across all your most high-impact content within your Service Portal.


One seamless, undisrupted journey

Deliver personalized product answers right where your customers are, eliminating the frustrating context-switching that sends users to search in other channels.

Personalized recommendations

Show each user the content most relevant to them based on their individual needs as well as recommendations for information they’ll need next.


Zoomin features that change your (work) life

Dynamically updated content

Continuously and automatically publish documentation from any source directly into ServiceNow to create a dynamically updated source of reliable product information.

Powerful search with intuitive navigation

Intelligent search allows users to easily & intuitively explore your content from their Service Portal search bar to instantly find what they need while machine learning strengthens the experience over time.

Proactive agent recommendations

Integrate documentation right into your support workflow. Agents can ensure they are providing the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date answers without leaving the ServiceNow platform.

Personalized knowledge experiences

Give customers the most relevant content and recommendations based on their profile, preferences, product version and past activity.

Answers in the ServiceNow UI

Inject your most authoritative and comprehensive content into your Service Portal while maintaining its structure, navigation and branding.

Get a complete view of user behavior

By surfacing your documentation within your Service Portal, you can get a comprehensive view of content performance and self-service gaps.

Zoomin connects with your existing content sources and tools

The best support is no support

Don’t make them jump through hoops to find the product answers they need!

of customers try support first to get an answer 
reduced the time it took for customers to find answers by
of customers prefer to self-serve technical answers

We were able to reduce our publications average-publishing-time from approximately 1.5 hours to just 5 minutes. A task that took customers 123 seconds on our Support Center only took 55 seconds on our Zoomin portal.

Deana Falk
Sr. Information Architect - Information Experience (IX)

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