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Content Managment
Navigation Strategy Basics

Discover what a navigation strategy is, and how to create an effective one for optimal browsing. Learn about the various types of navigation tiles we have in Zoomin, and understand their use cases to design a successful navigation strategy.
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Fundamentals of Taxonomy

Understand what a taxonomy is, and how it is used in the Zoomin Documentation Portal. Find out the importance of taxonomy in the user's browsing journeys. Explore common examples of taxonomy structure and learn how to use it to influence the portal features.
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Content Value
Essentials of the Customer Support Metrics

This course will help you:
Understand key Support metrics.
Explain how documentation can influence key Support metrics.
Discover actionable list of questions that can help you start your conversation with support.
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Traffic Analysis

In this knowledge bite, we will cover traffic metrics that can be used to track your performance over time, compare with industry benchmarks, and measure the impact of documentation on your business.
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