Don't make users leave your product to find answers

Streamline adoption and increase stickiness by delivering context-sensitive help right within your product.

Continuously improve your content experience with data-driven insights from the frontline!

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Zoomin In-Product Help

Ensure customers always find the answers they need by surfacing all your technical content within your web-based product.

Empower independent product adoption

By delivering personalized, context-sensitive user guidance directly within your web product, users can easily learn about your products, resolve issues and embrace new features and functionality on their own.


Keep users in your product

Give users personalized answers from all content sources right where they are, without being forced to leave your product - and potentially not return.

Data-driven product success

Use Zoomin’s out-of-the-box insights to identify where customers struggle with features, friction-points in your product experience, and gaps in your product content.

How Zoomin changes your (work) life

Surface answers in your product

Intelligent search provides unified and convenient access to all your product documentation and support articles and surfaces them right within your product.

Autonomous publishing process

Changes made to any content source, no matter the format or authoring tool, are immediately reflected in your product without having to rely on engineering and IT resources.

Agile content delivery

Zoomin's approach enables you to achieve an agile content delivery strategy that keeps pace with your CI/CD development and allows you to scale.

Support for multiple content sources

Easily connect to content sources in various formats or authoring tools, and deliver all your content within a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Unique user insights

Our unique insights into user behavior help you understand where users are struggling with your product so you can continuously improve adoption, content efforts and self-service support.

Full flexibility & control

With a variety of “plug and play” widgets and tooltip formats, Zoomin gives you the flexibility to deploy in-product answers optimized for your product, users, and CX goals.

Keep using the tools and formats you use today

Zoomin supports  your content tools and formats

Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to find the product answers they need!

of users check technical content before deciding to buy enterprise products
of users believe finding technical answers is easy
of users say content frustration may make them churn

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With Zoomin we are able to deliver the same great content experience in our independent docs portal and inside our product, while analytics help us make effective decisions about where to invest efforts.

Kathy Clemens
Sr. Director - Product Documentation