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Perfecting Your API Documentation Experience with Zoomin

Liat Silberklang Gariv

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Imagine unlocking the full potential of connectivity: where your product doesn't just speak to your customers' systems but does so with unmatched efficiency and clarity. This is the power of exceptional API documentation. 

Developers are significant users of your documentation, and they are the ones responsible for taking your API and running with it in order to implement your solutions.  so you gain faster product adoption and expansion. In the Platform Economy1, The need to provide a superb developer experience (DX) is even more critical. Great DX is not simply a matter of writing high-quality docs, it’s about improving how they actually access and consume the information via content delivery. Getting your API documentation experience right is key to enhancing overall developer experience (DX) and increasing product adoption. Here’s how to do it:

Display clear, interactive and comprehensive API Documentation to drive adoption.

You've invested significant time in developing APIs and crafting comprehensive API descriptions to ensure developers can seamlessly work with your product. Now you need to make sure that developers can easily locate and interact with the resources and endpoints.

You can help developers to effortlessly engage with and test the operations your API offers by ensuring your documentation experience is easy and intuitive. Interactive panels with a “Try it out” panel, tags and operations navigations, rich API description examples, and search capabilities are just some of the features and best practices you can support when displaying API docs



Consolidate API docs with all your product content

It’s confusing for developers when they are forced to navigate back and forth between different content locations, such as your Service Portal, Communities, Developer Portal, and more. In today's fast-paced environment, your developers need to find answers quickly, making findability crucial for efficient workflows. By consolidating all your API content into a single platform, alongside all your other product and support content,  you can significantly enhance Developers' self-service experience, improve findability, and boost NPS, with automatic updates to ensure content remains up-to-date across all touchpoints.

For example, once you publish API documentation on the Zoomin platform, it can immediately be accessed through your Documentation Portal, In-Product Help applications, or integrated into Salesforce and ServiceNow Communities and Service Portals. With our 'headless solution,' developers can leverage the API to bring documentation anywhere it's needed, further extending its reach and usability.

Displaying API Documentation with Zoomin

Zoomin offers support for a range of API description formats and tools such as Redoc, Swagger, and OpenAPI specifications. This allows for seamless display of API documentation, along with the flexibility to customize and select a user interface (UI) from multiple options that align with your brand and meet the needs of your customers.

The API docs plugin works with the Upload server and is easy and fast to upload your content from a JSON/YAML format. You can read more about How to support API Docs in your Zoomin Platform here

Additional benefits of Zoomin API Documentation Delivery

  • Streamlined Publishing: Align your agile development approach with content delivery, with changes made in any content source automatically reflected in your portal.
  • Unified Experience: Provide users with access to your entire knowledge repository in one unified, personalized, and mobile-friendly platform, replicating the experience across all customer-facing channels.
  • Actionable Insights: Gain data-driven insights into content performance, enabling continuous improvement based on how customers interact with your content.
  • Security & Customization: Utilize a flexible content permissions model to precisely control which users can access specific content, ensuring data security and customization.
  • Zoomin empowers administrators to control content visibility and access, with full control over content profiles, taxonomy, and creation of links to other sites, ensuring a secure and customized experience for users.

Consolidating all your API content into a single platform significantly enhances user self-service experience, and specifically DX, improves findability, and boosts NPS, while automatic updates ensure content remains up-to-date across all touchpoints.  Display Clear, Comprehensive API Documentation to drive adoption.

Learn more about API docs display.

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