Stop making customers work hard to find answers

Create seamless digital journeys with personalized product answers that guide customers every step of the way.

I just love to CTRL+F my way through a 300-page PDF.

Customers reference your rich, dynamic and detailed product content throughout their journey – from pre-sales research all the way to adoption and troubleshooting.

But too often they’re confronted with outdated content, forced to comb through 300+ page PDFs and jump from one baffling channel to another before being met with a dead end.

Every second wasted looking for answers takes you a step closer to losing your customer.

Every outdated and irrelevant answer they find chips away at the trust in your product.

Every channel they have to search brings them closer to contacting support – wasting everyone’s time and your money.

As long as you don’t fix your product content experience, every customer journey will be broken.

Align the content journey to the customer journey

Ensure users can continue their journey uninterrupted by delivering the personalized answers they need, right where they are, whether that’s inside your web application, on your website or in your support channels.

Reduce customer effort and eliminate frustration

By creating an intuitive and personalized self-service experience, you can eliminate the frustration that so often leads to churn while improving the value customers get from your product.

Preempt and resolve issues before they arise

Zoomin’s smart platform automatically predicts needs at every stage of the journey and proactively offers content solutions to resolve issues before they even arise.

Zoomin features that change your (work) life

Content-led self-service

81% of B2B customers want to self serve. Help them help themselves with personalized guidance at every stage of their product journey so they can drive their own adoption.

Track adoption and customer health

Identify issues with adoption or on-boarding by using content usage to show where users are in customer journey and if they’re dropping off.

Data-driven insights

Step into the light with actionable data insights into how your customers are interacting with content. Know where customers need help in using your product to provide product clarity and improvements before they need to ask.

Just-in-time case deflection

Zoomin proactively suggests relevant content right as the customer is about to open a support ticket, saving your support and success team just in the nick of time.

Connect organizational silos

No need to strong-arm other teams into changing their ways. Zoomin nestles right into your existing workflows so you can deliver a 10x better customer experience without changing a thing.

Prevent CSMs being knowledge centers

Products are getting more complex by the day. Your CSMs shouldn’t be expected to be knowledge centers. But with immediate access to your company’s entire knowledge trove at their fingertips – they don’t have to be.