Improving Ellucian Experience and Product Adoption with Strategic Documentation


Meet Ellucian

Ellucian, a leader in the education technology industry, develops software and services that power the essential work of higher education institutions around the globe.

The Challenge

Ellucian’s customers were struggling to navigate a complex maze of information, with essential product content scattered across various platforms. This fragmentation affected their ability to use their products, leading to frustration with available resources and reduced software adoption. An existing, costly, and unscalable solution needed to be replaced by a unified, scalable site that consolidated all product documentation.

The Solution

Ellucian selected Zoomin as the partner to help them enhance content accessibility and search relevance. They leveraged the Zoomin platform to create a unified documentation site where the most relevant content would be surfaced to customers, regardless of how and where the content was created. This new site included an enhanced search experience, localized support and personalized content results.

Most of Ellucian’s content was sourced in DITA and the Zoomin platform provided seamless integration with their data publication needs, complemented by a powerful search and strategic taxonomy.This new experience significantly streamlined information access. Additionally, the team implemented a dynamic content update strategy. This approach ensures their customers always have access to the most current and relevant product information,helping them better understand and utilize Ellucian’s software.
Partnering with Zoomin has allowed us to scale effectively and respond to our evolving future direction. Zoomin Documentation Portal solution offers features like metadata-driven search, language support, and user roles, meeting our dynamic delivery and publication needs.


Seismic sees a measurable impact

Documentation views increased by 91% within a year, indicating higher user engagement.
Traffic to the site increased by 167%, with an 87% rise in returning users, suggesting improved satisfaction and Ellucian loyalty.
The team reduced the use of PDFs to zero due to the use of HTML-only modern and platform agnostic approach.
Ellucian engagement grew by 36% in 2023, with almost 2000 Ellucian logos accessing the Ellucian Documentation site each month.
Ellucian achieved a 60% reduction in costs related to site development and maintenance.
The new content experience included improved accessibility and discoverability of product answers for customers.
Embracing Zoomin's platform marked a significant turn in how we present product information. Ellucian Documentation site became a doorway to enhanced Ellucian understanding and software adoption. The simplicity and effectiveness of accessing information have not only saved costs but also elevated our Ellucian experience to new heights.

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