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In Product Help - How to really get product answers to your users

Liat Silberklang Gariv

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What is In-Product Help?

In-Product Help refers to providing assistance or support directly within the user interface of a product or application. Instead of users having to navigate away from the application to seek help, they can access relevant information, tutorials, or guidance within the product itself. This approach aims to enhance the user experience, improve usability, and reduce friction by providing immediate assistance at the point of need.

In-product help applications come in various forms, including:

  1. Tooltips: Small pop-up boxes that appear when users hover over or click on specific UI elements, providing brief explanations or instructions.
  2. Contextual Guides: Interactive tutorials or walkthroughs that guide users through specific tasks or features within the product.
  3. Embedded Documentation: Direct access to relevant documentation or knowledge base articles within the product interface, allowing users to find detailed information without leaving the application.
  4. Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots integrated into the product interface, capable of answering questions, providing assistance, or guiding users through troubleshooting steps.
  5. Interactive Help Widgets: Customizable widgets or panels that users can access within the product interface to find help, search for information, or access support resources.

These in-product help applications aim to enhance user experience, increase product adoption, and reduce the need for external support or documentation.

Zoomin In-Product Help (IPH) delivers the power of your documentation ecosystem within your product’s interface, eliminating the need for users to navigate away from your web application. It provides users with help directly from your browser-based application or other web real estate, ensuring they access relevant information without switching to a new browser tab.

Benefits of In-Product Help

  1. Seamless User Experience

With Zoomin IPH, users receive support directly within your web application, enhancing their experience and keeping them focused on their tasks without the need for context switching.

  1. Just-In-Time Content

By delivering content precisely when and where users need it, Zoomin IPH ensures that users can find answers quickly, reducing frustration and improving efficiency.

  1. Contextual Content Assistance

Embedding documentation within your product provides real-time assistance, improving case deflection and keeping users engaged with your product.

  1. Consistent and Up-to-Date Information

Zoomin IPH ensures that users always receive accurate, up-to-date, and consistent information, aligning with the content available in your other applications.

What can impact the service quality of your In Product Help?

The quality and unification of knowledge directly impacts the effectiveness, accuracy, relevance, consistency, completeness, and accessibility of In-Product Help, ultimately influencing the quality of user assistance and support within the product interface. Here are some examples of how this quality in-quality out can be impacted:

Here's how:

  1. Accuracy: High-quality and unified knowledge ensures that the information presented through IPH is accurate and reliable. Users can trust the content provided, leading to better user satisfaction and confidence in the product.
  2. Relevance: Unified knowledge allows IPH to deliver relevant information tailored to the user's context and needs. When knowledge is fragmented or outdated, IPH may present irrelevant or conflicting information, leading to user confusion and frustration.
  3. Consistency: A unified knowledge base ensures consistency in the information presented across different touchpoints within the product. Consistent messaging and guidance enhance the user experience and prevent confusion or discrepancies in user interactions.
  4. Completeness: Comprehensive knowledge coverage ensures that IPH can address a wide range of user queries and scenarios. When knowledge is fragmented, users may encounter gaps in information, hindering their ability to find answers or solutions within the product.
  5. Accessibility: Unifying knowledge from various sources makes it easier for IPH to access and retrieve relevant information in real-time. This accessibility enables timely assistance and support for users, improving their overall experience with the product.

The Zoomin In Product Help - it starts with content 

We bring your entire documentation system into your product's interface. Regardless of your content creation tools or sources, Zoomin seamlessly integrates all your knowledge using simple connectors. We organize and unify your content in a consistent format. Each piece of content is tagged, indexed, personalized, and securely accessible within your applications. This allows you to provide intuitive self-service experiences directly within your product, eliminating the need for users to leave your application to find information.

Features and Capabilities

Mini-Portal for Your Web Applications

Zoomin IPH allows you to create a mini-portal for all your web applications, displaying the same content uploaded to the Zoomin Platform. You control the mapping between your application's URL and the displayed help topic, ensuring that the latest updates are surfaced automatically.

Just-In-Time Content Delivery

Deliver your existing content directly to users at the precise time and place they need it, right within your user interface. This feature prevents users from searching for answers in separate windows or sites, keeping them focused on their tasks.

Contextual Popovers

Provide focused content for users through popovers, allowing them to understand specific elements of your application, such as what a button does or what a field requires. This enhances learning and content utilization.

Configurable User Experience

Customize the look and feel of your IPH widget to match your application using CSS. Control access and permissions, configure Context-Sensitive Help (CSH), and localize your widget to provide a seamless and personalized experience.

Easy Integration and Setup

Zoomin IPH requires a one-time simple setup. Once configured, you receive an embed code (a static JavaScript) to share with your application developers. The widget is unaware of users' personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring privacy and safety.

Comprehensive Analytics

Monitor the performance of your IPH implementation using Zoomin Analytics' dashboards. Gain insights into user engagement, interaction with widgets and tooltips, and overall IPH performance to make informed decisions and optimize your strategy.

How Zoomin IPH Enhances User Experience

Seamless Support Access

Zoomin IPH provides users with immediate access to support content, documentation, and other information directly within your web application, ensuring they receive the help they need without leaving the interface.

Enhanced Case Deflection

By embedding documentation within your product, Zoomin IPH drastically improves case deflection, reducing the number of support cases and enhancing user satisfaction.

Tailored Assistance

Control what users see when the widget opens to deliver meaningful and relevant content based on their current context, improving the overall user experience.

Micro Assistance for Maximum Benefit

Provide focused, specific content through IPH popovers, allowing users to understand various elements of your application and expand their knowledge.

Use Cases for Zoomin IPH

  1. Provide Contextual Help

Deliver focused content relevant to the current context at the precise time and place users need it. This feature keeps users engaged and focused on their tasks without searching for answers elsewhere.

  1. Help Users Adopt Your Product

Use IPH to assist users through problematic areas or known pain points in your application. Popovers provide microcopy explaining specific elements, improving user experience and streamlining product use.

  1. Reuse Your Own Content

Address issues related to disconnected and inconsistent content by reusing existing documentation within IPH widgets. This ensures users receive up-to-date, relevant, and contextualized information directly within your product.


Zoomin In-Product Help transforms your product support by delivering relevant, up-to-date content directly within your web application. Enhance user experience, improve case deflection, and provide tailored assistance with Zoomin IPH, ensuring users receive the help they need right when and where they need it.

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