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Technical Writing Conferences to Attend in 2024

Written by:
Michael Burshtein | Social Media Specialist

If you're on the hunt for the most impactful technical writing conferences in 2024, look no further! The landscape of technical communication is brimming with opportunities for professional development, networking, and gaining insights into the latest trends in documentation and technology within the industry. 

Whether you're a junior technical writer, a forward-thinking content strategist, or a key decision-maker in technical communications, this overview will guide you through the 2024 technical writing conferences you might want to attend.

MegaComm - Where Tech Comm Meets Marketing

February 7-8, 2024, online event.

MegaComm caters to technical communicators and marketers in Israel, serving as a melting pot of ideas and strategies. Attendees can expect to explore the convergence of technical communication and marketing, enhancing their skills in content strategy and beyond. For more information, visit MegaComm's site.


April 8-10, 2024, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

ConVEx is a conference for those eager to explore the latest in content management, technical documentation, and digital publishing. Its flexible format makes it accessible to a global audience. The 2024 lineup includes presentations from our very own thought leaders, including:

  • "Radical Content Experience Change Requires Radical Collaboration" by Beth Lemesany & Aaron Davidson from ServiceNow and Tom DeBeauchamp from Zoomin.
  • "Is AI Going to Take Technical Writers' Jobs?" by Paul Maass from Zoomin.
  • "Get AI-ready: How to consolidate knowledge for your AI applications" by Joe Gelb
  • "Beyond the Hype: A Chat GPT-enabled environment with actual impact" by Joe Zucker from Pega and Joe Gelb from Zoomin.

Visit the official ConVEx website for more information. 

Write the Docs Portland - Documentarians Unite

April 14-16, 2024, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Write the Docs is a global community with conferences dedicated to technical writing in North America, Europe, and Australia. On the first day of the Portland conference, If you're in town early, you are welcome to join the organizers for the Hike. Portland has excellent access to the woods right in the city. The conference focuses on software documentation, customer support, and everything in between. They're renowned for their welcoming atmosphere and practical sessions. Each event is an invitation to share knowledge and connect with fellow documentarians.
For specific dates and locations, check out the Write the Docs website.

Write the Docs Atlantic - Documentarians Unite, online!

September 22-24, online event.

Following the on-site conference in Portland, Write the Docs offers a second opportunity to unite documentarians from around the globe, this time in an accessible online format. The virtual event introduces diverse speakers, delivering fresh insights and perspectives. Designed to replicate the engaging and welcoming atmosphere of the in-person event, attendees can expect interactive sessions and networking opportunities, all from the comfort of their homes. 

Check the Write the Docs website for more details on what to expect and how to participate.

STC Summit - The Comprehensive Tech Comm Conference

May 17-19, Bloomington, Minnesota, United States.

The STC Summit is the Society for Technical Communication's annual conference. It features a wide range of professional development sessions for technical communicators and covers the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the field. You can find details for upcoming summits on the STC Summit website.

ContentTECH Summit - Where Tech Meets Content Strategy

May 14-16, 2024, Free online event.

ContentTECH Summit explores the technology supporting content strategy, marketing, and management. Visit ContentTECH Summit's website for the latest.

Nordic Techkomm - Exploring Tech Comm in Scandinavia

September 18-19, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This event is tailored for professionals interested in the latest trends in technical communication. Sessions cover everything from UX design to efficient content strategies in multilingual contexts. Make sure to attend the walking tour around the city the evening before the conference. It's a great opportunity to explore the area while networking with peers. For updates on future events, visit Nordic Techkomm's webpage.

Button Conference - Focused on Product Content

September 26-27, 2024, Online event.

The Button Conference is the premier conference for those dedicated to product content strategy, design, and management. It caters to technical writers working closely with UX and product development teams and offers deep dives into creating engaging user experiences through content. Check out Button's official website for detailed scheduling.

LavaCon - The Content Strategy Conference

October 27-30, 2024, Portland, Oregon, USA.

LavaCon has become a cornerstone event for content strategists, user experience designers, and documentation managers. Known for its high-caliber workshops and keynotes, LavaCon focuses on content strategy, user experience, and the interplay between content and business strategy. This conference is a must for those looking to elevate their content strategy game. Check out the LavaCon official website.

TC World and tekom - The International Tech Comm Conference

November 5 – 7, Stuttgart, Germany.

TC World is one of the most highly anticipated technical writing conferences of the year - and certainly the biggest. Offering quality speaking sessions as well as access to the tekom fair, TCWorld is where the global tech comm community gathers to discuss trends, technologies, and tools. A fun feature of TC World is its evening events, often highlighted by live bands or vendors crafting special drinks, serving as informal yet invaluable opportunities to network and meet other vendors after hours.  To register for this year’s event, visit TC World's official site.

Get ready to explore, learn, and connect with the global tech comm community. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to follow us on your favorite social media platform: Linkedin, Facebook, and X, for updates on webinars, product releases, and insights on the industry. 

See you online and on the conference floor!

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