Zoomin and Paligo: A new Experience in Delivering Intelligent and Personalized Content Experience

Written by:
Keren Brown, VP Enablement & Value at Zoomin

An increasing array of companies recognize the importance of technical documentation in driving enterprise-wide business impact. Companies that invest in an intuitive and personalized content experience show demonstrable ROI in revenue growth, product adoption, decreased support costs, higher self-service rates, and enhanced customer loyalty.

Recognizing the critical role that technical documentation plays in achieving these business goals, Zoomin and Paligo have decided to join forces. Today, we are unveiling this exciting strategic partnership with Paligo, a leading cloud-based Component Content Management System (CCMS). This partnership aims to provide an unparalleled technical content experience, enabling our customers to swiftly derive even more value from their technical documentation.

The strategic partnership between Zoomin and Paligo offers companies access to structured XML-based authoring, complete with top-notch single-sourcing content reuse capabilities. It also enables the delivery of technical content from a wide variety of sources, creating meaningful and personalized omnichannel content experiences. The outcome? Customers can now find and access product answers more easily than ever, while documentation teams enjoy increased efficiency in publishing and gain valuable insights through robust analytics on how users engage with content. This collaboration sets a new standard in content delivery, reflecting our dedication to excellence and customer success.

Companies like Trellix (formerly McAfee/ and FireEye), Clearwater Analytics, and Mend already use Zoomin and Paligo to provide their customers with an industry-leading product support experience.

Supercharging Publishing Efficiency

The integration of Paligo and Zoomin allows documentation teams to streamline their publishing processes, translating into increased efficiency and productivity. This can lead to up to $300,000 in cost savings through reducing publication time and increasing the number of publications.

Paligo's collaborative environment for authors, editors, and reviewers fosters content collaboration and version control like never before. This allows documentation teams to focus on crafting high-quality content while leveraging advanced content management capabilities.

With Zoomin's knowledge orchestration platform in the mix, your documentation team can deliver product information to users in their preferred outputs and languages at lightning speed. The publishing process becomes a breeze, facilitating rapid updates, content personalization, and agile content delivery.

The partnership between Zoomin and Paligo marks a pivotal point in the landscape of technical documentation. The combined power of Paligo's structured authoring and Zoomin's personalized, multi-channel delivery paves the way for a new level of content excellence.

This partnership empowers companies to provide effortless access to accurate, user-relevant technical information, boosting productivity and efficiency within documentation workflows. For more information about this exciting partnership, visit our press release or the Zoomin website.

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