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FLOURISH is the multi-disciplinary community for B2B leaders looking to turn their customer-base into confident product champions through empowering digital experiences.

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The FLOURISH community has been really good for me in terms of connecting with like-minded people and being able to share ideas in a “safe space” while hearing diverse experiences.

Jon Mell

Chief Customer Officer
Board Intelligence

This felt like a customer success leader's support group!

Mike Sasaki

VP Global Head of Customer
Success and Support
Mitek Systems

Join B2B executives from:

Podcast: Jim tincher

Jim Tincher, Founder and CEO of Heart of the Customer believes CX is all about change. But managing change through employees can be easier said than done. Here's his pro tips...

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podcast: Dixie Dunn

Listen to Dixie Dunn, VP of Customer Experience at JFrog, for insights on purposeful metrics, the importance of targeted customer feedback and how to make a real difference in your CX.

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podcast: Rod Cherkas

The great resignation has left many organizations reeling. In this episode, Rod Cherkas, CEO of HelloCCO offers advice for managing this transition, balancing cost and growth.

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Podcast: Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris, Chief Customer Success Officer at Synamedia thinks the 'why' behind metrics is as important as the 'what', and that quantitative indicators must be complemented with qualitative ones.

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