One Central Content Hub

Connect structured and unstructured content stored in any format, and in any application. From guides and manuals to API documentation and support articles, your customers will have one consistent, reliable and easy-to-access place where they can finally find content.

Truly Personalized Content Experience

Provide a unique experience to each user based on their preferences, user profile and activity history. Present customers with personalized search results, user interfaces and organic content recommendations that turn everyday customers into knowledgeable and inspired brand advocates.

Enterprise-Grade Security And Access Provisioning

Zoomin puts you in control of your content with tight-lock security. Control what each customer, partner or employee can see using flexible permission models. Include security watermarks on sensitive content. Improve security by integrating to your enterprise single-sign-on directory and automate access-rights provisioning using advanced rules.

Powerful Search

With outstanding and highly-tuned full-text search capabilities, Zoomin makes your content easy to find in seconds, and with a minimum number of clicks. Zoomin lets users search on and filter content from your different content silos in one single location, ensuring each user gets the right answer.

Capture Valuable Feedback

Zoomin lets you study and engage your customers, and capturing valuable analytics to discover what they need and want. You can easily invite customers to provide feedback, contribute content, and even curate and share their own personalized content collections.

High SEO Rankings

By continuously updating your content with the latest best-practices, Zoomin ensures that your content is easily found through search engines like Google and Bing, which also sends your SEO rankings through the roof.