Turn your technical content into a powerful self-service tool

Salesforce is a key tool for managing customer relationships and helping your employees work smarter. But until now, a piece of the knowledge experience has been missing: product documentation.

Zoomin connects to all your content sources and seamlessly integrates them into Salesforce so users can find answers precisely where and when they’re needed.

A seamless knowledge experience

Publish documentation from any source directly into Salesforce to create a consistent and all-in-one destination for product answers.

Real-time updates ensure that customers and agents are getting the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date product information, right where they need it.

Improve self-service and support metrics

When customers can find answers right in your community, they’re better equipped to solve issues on their own – leading to increased case deflection.

Meanwhile, uniting all your product content within your Service Cloud, and surfacing the right answers at just the right time, enables agents to provide faster and better support.

Maximize the value of your existing content

The answers needed by your users are out there. But when they’re dispersed across sources like your documentation, knowledge base and community discussions, they become difficult to find.

Zoomin optimizes the reach and reuse of your product content by providing powerful search across multiple silos – right within your Service Cloud and/or Community Cloud.

Make data-driven decisions

Gain actionable insights into the performance of your content and how it’s being used.

By understanding what users are looking for and what they’re struggling to find, as well as friction points within your product, you can guide content strategy, drive increased self-service and case deflection, and inform product development.

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Key Features


Unified search

Users can search and filter across all your content in one place – such as user guides, manuals, release notes, API documentation, knowledge articles, community forums, and more.


Personalized knowledge experience

Provide the most relevant content and recommendations based on each person’s profile, preferences, product version and past activity.



With Zoomin’s cloud-based platform, you can deliver content from any authoring tool or CMS right in your Service Portal.


Security and entitlements 

Flexible permission models allow you to control what content each customer, partner or employee is able to access.


Advanced analytics

Find out what users are searching for and what answers they’re struggling to find. Gather data that informs your documentation teams and helps deflect support cases.

Zoomin is a member of the Salesforce Partner Program for Independent Software Vendors.