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It all relies on data

Zoomin provides a robust content AI and GPT-readiness orchestration layer, which is able to take all siloed technical content and bring it into an always-updated single source of truth, with all the governance on top of it, for you to be able to easily plug in your AI and GPT layers on top of it or use Zoomin’s provided ones. This means becoming AI and GPT ready in a matter of weeks, and not years.

Zoomin GPT

Zoomin GPT AI Assistant – offering a set of powerful tools for both the writers and users of your Zoomin Documentation Portal. The Zoomin GPT AI Assistant can summarize topics, explain code, and can even give your writing team insight on how to improve topics. Learn more About the Zoomin GPT AI Assistant.
This is the coolest thing in the world.

GPT Analytics

Zoomin GPT Analytics provide an overview of GPT performance, user engagement and feedback. Designated dashboards evaluate coverage of search queries, and offer insights to enhance content findability. Detailed tables show query responses, aiding content adjustments.

Next Gen GPT

Zoomin introduces an enhanced GPT experience featuring innovative advancements in accuracy, coverage, and latency. Leveraging GPT Turbo, streaming technology, and semantic search, our latest addition, GPT Conversational Search, enables users to interact conversationally with GPT, facilitating efficient self-service