Your content, on-demand, wherever and whenever the customer needs it. With in-app help from Zoomin, give your customers access to relevant, personalized content that keeps them in your product and on your page. Zoomin embeds your existing technical help content inside your application, so your content is consistent and reusable.

Offer superior customer experience without any extra authoring, by effortlessly single-sourcing your existing material for reuse inside the product.

Why Zoomin In-Product?

Providing contextual content assistance

Zoomin for Applications enables you to embed a widget containing your existing documentation inside your application. Any assistance that your users need can be found in real-time – drastically improving your case deflection and keeping the users in the app for longer.

Maximize the value of your existing content

The content your customers are looking for is already there – but when your technical content is in a separate window, on a separate site, buried inside long help topics, the answers become harder to find and utilize. Zoomin allows your organization to single-source your existing content and serve the exact snippet you need at the exact location in the application when you need it.

Deliver a next-generation user experience

Deliver the ultimate in customer experience by ensuring that the content they receive is accurate, up to date, and consistent with the content available in other touchpoints. Give your customers access to the information they need, when they need it, whether online or offline. Increase user adoption and decrease support costs.